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12th-Feb-2007 07:17 pm(no subject)
New layout. :]]]
3rd-Jan-2007 07:36 pm(no subject)

All my entries for the past few months have been made Friends-only, so I might as well clarify that.

29th-Aug-2006 03:08 pm - Forget Saturday Night Live...


October 11th....
24th-Aug-2006 05:13 pm(no subject)
I dont know why or how I get myself so nervous.
10th-Aug-2006 11:58 am(no subject)
Something is seriously wrong with my laptop. I can't stay on for longer than 5 minutes before the screens picture resolution goes haywire.

Lack of updates may start to happen until I get this fixed.
if you're reading this, I've wanted to leave some sort of comment on your page for daysss, but my cp has been consistent on not letting me view your page.

Why, well, if laptops had feelings and were able to express them, mine would tell me it's the leader of an evil cult against me.

Anyways, you're latest entry says it was (is) your birthday. If you have proof to back that up (:) then happy birthday homiee..!

My mom would never buy me a tiara. Well, she might consider it if I cleaned my room every single time she asked..but otherwise...


Now for some major input needed (everyone).

I've been on the search for a new bedspread (preferably one of those "bed-in-a-bags") for about 6 months now, and the only places I can think that sell them are Kohls, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

And none of those fit my fancy at allllll... I am uber picky about my bed. Sheets, blankets, everything needs to match, have some sort of "omphf" about it, and right now it doesnt at all.

Please help?
1st-Aug-2006 03:18 pm - Another in the latest....
Other than my newest infatuation with The Pink Spiders I've been writing up a new script.

Can you say melodramatic? Yep. That's it.

This picture almost, basically, sums up my summer in 3 mainlines.

* The newest henna art. I'm pretty happy with if if I do say so myself.

* My Is There Life After Film School book. I've learned that I'll be living out of a box for 10 years.
It's an exciting concept.

*Oh, and, I had to throw my signed RBF cd in there. Who wouldn't brag over scoring one of these...

I couldn't fit  boxing gloves in the picture.  Oh well.
Yeah. Soo.. I got back from Rhode Island today. Just one of those weekend get-a-way things that the parents love yah-yah. I made a necklace in Jamestown at this random bead shop that has a little rocket charm that scarily resembles The Rocket Summers logo.

I'm having OCD-esque feelings about needing to keep in contact with tons of people and glancing at the calendar, I only have..4 weeks(?) to do it.

And honestly, the only real writing I've done is some wannabe scribbles of either lyrics or poem lines, and a play treatment.


I need Advil. Right now.
29th-Jul-2006 10:41 am - The stuff that keeps you go-ing...
I'm running on...2 hours of sleep? And two cups of coffee in the last couple of days? Wow. And I'm wide awake and freakin happy to get out of this town for a bit.

There's still the slightest hint of ash smell in my hair, wooh, after two days.

I'm excited to here that in Pakistan they have Henna for uber-cheap (Reb:-))) compared to the only place I can think of around here, Blue Moon, who sells it for 30 bucks.


25th-Jul-2006 11:33 am - TRS fan documentary
Since I stumbled upon being able to connect videos from YouTube to Livejournal, here is a (the) Rocket Summer documentary.

I have to say I'm very jealous over the coverage they got behind-the-scenes.

You're welcome Sasha :-)
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