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Scared for the city 
21st-Jul-2006 01:39 pm
So I was just telling my mum how I would love to live in Times Square because it's the center of all things culture.

After telling me that she'd prefer an oceanfront house, she showed me an article in today's Courant saying how a possible hurricane is on it's way up to New York, and a category 3 or higher would cost the city  billions of dollars. It also said the Subway system would be underwater etc etc.

Why must this bearing-of-bad news come less than a month from my most anticipated trip there?? I dont even want to think of that.

Anywho, I'm excited that Sasha and I collaborated on a new movie project, of course, an addition to the project I'm currently working on now.

And I'm not posting the name of the movie because it hasn't been copyrighed yet, so too bad. ;-))

Anyways...I pre-ordered (after two days of website issues) the new RBF album, and
I'm 60ish% sure that I was one of the first 500 to do so...meaning
I'll get a signed copy, chyeaaa.

Yeah, so I'm mega-physhed because I missed their live show afew weeks ago, but I mean...it's a signed copy....
24th-Jul-2006 12:20 am (UTC) - Hurricane Killtheworld'sonlyartrefuge.
I wanted to go to NY in the fall...LEAVES, YES, LEAVES!

Andddddddd I did infact listen to a bit of RBF's albumn on ah...AOL's Listening Session. I am such a dork; I take advantage of the internet and it's resources.

Yes, so...AH! I also had my very FIRST cup of coffee with, no lie, an estimated twenty-something sugars. It was at a cafe no one goes to downtown. Redick.
24th-Jul-2006 12:32 am (UTC) - Re: Hurricane Killtheworld'sonlyartrefuge.
Who doesn't take advantage of all the internet's resources?

I actually had a dream where I was called to babysit someone's kids, and then I went onto Myyspace and found the KIDS profiles so I can figure out what kinds of toys the kids liked and what the hobbies of the kids were.

I fear this is going to be the future. :-/

Ah..anyway. I read that entry you wrote about the downtown cafe with your friend there. In my town there are exactly no, nada, zilch cafes around. We have two...excuse me..3 Dunkin Donuts and one Starbucks (closest coffee to me :), thank the heavens) but NO intensely cool coffee houses.

If anything I go to Javapoolaza in Middletown which is amazing, and other than that, nothing.

Twenty sugars would keep me going for 2 days. It's my...acid? I guess?

Oh...and sadly...with the lack of trees in NYC...there's hardly any leaves in the fall. It's on the brink of tragedy, i know.
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