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The Sauce. Spicy Subjects for all.

When there's no more cheese...

'names Andrea. Or Drea.
I grew up on a farm outside of Washington D.C.
No lie. Well. A little bit. I never lived in D.C. And can't stand the smell of cows.

I write. My favorite are screenplays and playwrights. Journalism's great- I just don't take the time to collect quotes...

And I go to shows. Play the keyboard. Not as much as I used to.

Huge on coffee. People tell me I'm prepared for college, or something like that. Buy me a latte and I may have to marry you.

I've had a badd case of OCD for years.

I like fashion and people who don't abuse it.

If you're into indie films, I hope I know you.

Kickboxing is what makes me the happiest.

And if ska's your favorite kind of music...I may have to divorce the latte buyer and get remarried.

Okay. I'm done rambling. Enjoy this fun banner.

Had to.