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The Sauce. Spicy Subjects for all.
When there's no more cheese...
I love how espresso beans will keep you going for hours... 
30th-Jul-2006 09:39 pm
Yeah. Soo.. I got back from Rhode Island today. Just one of those weekend get-a-way things that the parents love yah-yah. I made a necklace in Jamestown at this random bead shop that has a little rocket charm that scarily resembles The Rocket Summers logo.

I'm having OCD-esque feelings about needing to keep in contact with tons of people and glancing at the calendar, I only have..4 weeks(?) to do it.

And honestly, the only real writing I've done is some wannabe scribbles of either lyrics or poem lines, and a play treatment.


I need Advil. Right now.
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