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The Sauce. Spicy Subjects for all.
When there's no more cheese...
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21st-Jul-2006 01:39 pm - Scared for the city
So I was just telling my mum how I would love to live in Times Square because it's the center of all things culture.

After telling me that she'd prefer an oceanfront house, she showed me an article in today's Courant saying how a possible hurricane is on it's way up to New York, and a category 3 or higher would cost the city  billions of dollars. It also said the Subway system would be underwater etc etc.

Why must this bearing-of-bad news come less than a month from my most anticipated trip there?? I dont even want to think of that.

Anywho, I'm excited that Sasha and I collaborated on a new movie project, of course, an addition to the project I'm currently working on now.

And I'm not posting the name of the movie because it hasn't been copyrighed yet, so too bad. ;-))

Anyways...I pre-ordered (after two days of website issues) the new RBF album, and
I'm 60ish% sure that I was one of the first 500 to do so...meaning
I'll get a signed copy, chyeaaa.

Yeah, so I'm mega-physhed because I missed their live show afew weeks ago, but I mean...it's a signed copy....
18th-Jul-2006 06:31 pm(no subject)
Quote from video on Little Miss Sunshine site.

Grandpa: Are you gettin any? Huh? You can tell me, Dwayne, are you gettin any?
Dwayne: (Shakes head).
Grandpa: No, what? Aren't ya 15? My god man. You should be gettin that young stuff. The young stuff's the best stuff in the whole world!
Dwayne: (Looks down && depressed).

Gosh I found that funny.

And golly, I'm so bored. And hungry.


Whataye Skank (7:44:01 PM): I can't wait for NYU.
mAskque Rade01 (7:44:23 PM): hahah, i love how you make it sound like we have an in. i like that attitude
Whataye Skank (7:44:44 PM): We DO have in...pfft.
Whataye Skank (7:44:47 PM): It's us.
mAskque Rade01 (7:45:06 PM): you know what...you're completely right.


Voicemail I got:

"Hey Drea, it's Lucy. I'm on vacation right now, but I just wanted to tell you that I spent the entire day punching jellyfish. I mean, there were big ones and small ones, but I wouldn't let them ruin my ocean time, ya know?"
16th-Jul-2006 09:16 pm - Haggling with Asians
Literally. I was. Canal Street- gross, smells like fish and some very illegal substances...but yeah.

My mom's all proud of herself for haggling for purses. Hmph. I had to give her the motivation to do it though.

Anyways...umm..have I said I love New York? Since I do-oo-oo.

I made a tshirt at Neighborhoodies that's basically a shout-out to the Rocket Summer (and also to coffee, but that's for another time...), and it's pretty amazing. I'll post pictures once I iron it.

I'm starting to really love dark chocolate.

And oh yes...I just found out..I'll be going to NYC and Boston in the same week in August. Both for really great reasons. Boston...well...I can't stand the city for the pure fact that it's plain confusing to get around and Red Sox obsession doesn't tickle my fancy.

But Johnny Cupcakes...ah. Between NYU, NYC, and Boston I'll be so broke by the end of the summer. (Reference the "cupcake" entry a little ways down the page).

14th-Jul-2006 11:34 pm - Quick, close to minute.
I turned on my cp just to write this completely random entry.

Bad news.
My library card expired July 6th.

Good news.
I haven't skipped a day/night of ProActiv in over 2 weeks!
It's sort of encouraging.

"I thought I'd take a chance and hire the smart, fat giirl . All the skinny one's have just been...stupid."- Miranda Priestly.

As well as just entering the Hartford Stage playwriting comp, I'm entering a film contest. I hope I don't fail at everything this summer.

Weather.com say's it's going to be 89 degrees and mostly sunny Sunday in NYC...!
12th-Jul-2006 09:21 pm(no subject)
Hey hey to all my friends out there that I feel I never see any more.

Damned school. There's so much wrong with you, but there's so much wronger with not seeing my favorite people for weeks on end.

And I should be blaming myself for lack of effort.
11th-Jul-2006 01:50 pm - Latest in life...
So..pictures galore time. It's been a pretty lazy week. I just came home from South County...awesome. It's way too laid back there.


Me in the background of a poster...         


All the lovely towns (and yeah, i realize they're hard to read)...with my camera in the background..

Okay...and I've started using henna. I really love how natural it all is. I want to rank up to doing this sorta designing...

I mean...look how amazing that is? And it's so much harder than it seems.

This is what I've started with. I did the designing last night and it should stain to a darker brown within a couple of days...(like the above pic i'm aspiring to).

My favoriteee....all the designs are a bit bigger (and a tad darker) than the pics make them look.
This is actually the only stenciled design.

9th-Jul-2006 09:13 pm(no subject)
"I'll tell you what i would do if I had a million bucks; sleep. Sleep and gamble. Sleep and gam-ble, sleep and gamble, bitch."- Jere.

It makes me wet every time.

^^ (Guy-of-quote) on right.

^^ Love him. Period.
3rd-Jul-2006 11:46 am(no subject)
Well. I'm patiently waiting to leave.

Hmm. Well. Here's pics from the show on saturday. (I tag all my pictures because picture thieves are pretty evil.)

Tip the Van's...van. Basically.

Tip the Van...yepp.

Okay. Well. Neato. Comment it. I've got like, 18 pictures. But I'm way too lazy to upload all of them. Maybe I will some other time.

Oh. Anddd...

Dang. Well. I can't find them now but I will. Just some more pictures basically.
1st-Jul-2006 11:25 am - Cupcakes
I think there was a now-fixed problem of uploading pictures. Cuz now I know there were pictures I wanted to post...but I forget. Since that "Insert/Edit Image" button went missing for a few days.

Okay...check out this site.  http://johnnycupcakes.com/home.html
I read about this clothing line in a magazine...and how could you not help but notice a clothing company that exhibits their clothes bakery-style like Johnny??

Can anyone say a cupperware party???

27th-Jun-2006 12:54 pm - Something found in a community...
Okay so this quiz isn't letting me post my results in here. But I found out that if I were a frappucchino...I would be a Caffe Vanilla. My favorite.

So I found this quiz in my Starbucks community...I posted it for motivation. And for the clear fact that I'll probably be going there tonight.

My whole body is sore. I started kickboxing classes with afew friends...and yeah. I didn't know the class came with a 25 minute ab surge workout. Ow.

Crazy week.
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